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Red Wing Product Testers

  • We are currently searching for Western work boot testers
  • We are recruiting only the following sizes: Men's 9m, 11m, & 13m. Women's 8m & 10m.
Getting Started
Is comfort, fit and durability important to you?  The Red Wing Shoe Company is seeking product testers who will wear our boots in the toughest, dirtiest and hardest-working situations, then report back to us with information about how the boots held up. Product testers will be testing development samples that Red Wing Shoe Company has not released yet. The job of a product tester is to treat these development samples like they would any other pair of work boots.

How The Testing Procedure Works
  • Before Red Wing Shoes can introduce a new boot into the marketplace, we first must test that boot to make sure it adheres to our legendary quality standards.
  • By wearing these development samples on the job and reporting back to us about the performance of the boot, we can make any needed changes before production begins at the factory.
  • We are seeking individuals that are experts in their field that can help us do just that.  
Product Tester Benefits
  • No Cost: we will cover all costs for the testing, including shipping.
  • Compensation: you will be compensated for your efforts as long as you do a good job.  In most cases, you will be given the opportunity to keep the boots.
  • Confidential: your personal contact information will remain strictly confidential within Red Wing Shoe Company.
Next Steps
If this interests you, please complete the form to learn more.  Thank you for your interest in the Red Wing Shoe Product Testing Program.